From the desk of Dac 001

Greetings, APPLICANT !


Your applicant ID has been selected and you are hereby invited to participate in an exciting new project from DacCo's new Historical Entertainment sub-division!


Offer essential feedback and help DacCo, winner of 2807's Outstanding Corporation Achievement Award (presented by the Terran League of Corporate Influence), continue to offer cutting-edge tech and the latest in modern appurtenances. Your feedback is reviewed directly by the Head of the Entertainment Division!


You know DacCo from everything from the punchy taste of DacCola® to the elite DacCorps®,  patrolling your cityblock and keeping you safe. Now, for the first time anywhere, DacCo's illustrious Virtual Entertainment Division offers you the chance to field test brand new Cerebral Simulation Technology® in return for helpful input


Return to the dawn of humanity's greatest triumph, mere decades after we pierced the threshold into galactic residency


Assume one of three roles (Adventurer, Soldier or gambler) and interact in a fully immersive experience via your DacCo Cerebral Uplink [Not compatible with Gen 4 or lower]

Feedback is encouraged as this sim is still in Alpha Test phase. Please submit such feedback in the member forums of this netpage or send netmail to


or through one of the various links on our netpage.

To continue, visit our testing portal on the net using the button to the right.

And remember - your destiny is in the stars!

- Dac 001


Manager of Operations